Virtual Buyers Advisor

Imagine having a trusted advisor who is there behind the scenes to answer questions and provide oversight into key decisions you are about to make. That’s the idea behind the concept of a virtual buyers advisor. A customised report to give you much needed objective information and answer burning questions about your prospective new home.

This service is purely available online and comprises a written report, if you require more advice or in-person evaluation please contact me by phone to discuss other services on 021 610 510. I am currently providing this service at this time, on a pilot basis free of charge. Please accept that due to work load I may have to discontinue this service without notice, however I will endeavour to complete any submitted requests.

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The report comprises a detailed analysis of the local market using the latest property data as well as evaluation based on experience to look at the property as presented on the market to help you make a more informed decision. Whether you are at an early stage of evaluation or are planning to make an offer a report can only help to improve your decision.

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Disclaimer: I am a licensed real estate salesperson, this service is undertaken to assist buyers at an early stage. The advice I provide should be taken as such as being advice, not professional recommendations. I will not accept any responsibility for any decision you chose to make on any matter regarding buying a property. Please do not act solely upon any comments I make. You should always seek the advice of a legal professional as well as ask questions of the listing agent. Whilst I provide this service as a licensed real estate agent I am not through this service acting as a buyers agent as I seek no renumeration from this service. If you wish for me to act as a professional buyers agent for a fee then please contact me to discuss terms on 021 610 510.